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Curriculums of all types of school which lead to a middle education or to university entrance qualification call for the topic of mathematical functions during the education. The existing application tasks are often tailored to very specific technical and non-experiential fields and therefore do not offer optimal access for learners.
This eBook is aimed at teachers who want to make their teaching interesting and challenging for the students. By taking up topics from the experience or information horizon of the learners and also visualizing them with images and colored illustrations, it is easier to create motivation and build up an understanding. The tasks in this eBook are taken from general subject areas, such as sports, biology, economics, architecture or everyday life.
Through the use of application tasks, both teaching and „calculation according to recipe“ are relaxed, as well as the already learned math skills are put to the test and trained in this way. The A4 formatted worksheets serve the teacher as a work facilitation in the preparation of lessons. Separate detailed solutions simplify control.
The application tasks for the topic “building up polynomial functions“ require the use of a computer algebra system (CAS) and thus also meet current curriculum requirements. All information and values used in the application tasks are based on carefully researched, factual or realistic facts.

The author Till Dennier is a teacher at the Anna-Siemsen-College in Herford (Germany). He teaches mathematics and sports and is responsible for the school’s IT coordination.